How it works

  1. You send us your paper via the form on the "Start Now" page. Papers can be in any of the following formats: .doc, .odt, .rtf, .pages. Note that corrected papers will be sent back in .doc format.
  2. We transfer your text to a word document and start correcting. All changes will be visible to you.
  3. corrected english paper
  4. Within 24 hours*, we will email your document to you. You can accept all of our changes, or check them one by one.
  5. accept all corrections
  6. Once you accept the changes, your document is ready to go!
  7. ready to turn in english paper

    * 24 hour turnaround times apply for papers up to 5 pages long. Longer papers may result in increased wait times. If you have an urgent deadline, please email us for an estimate before submitting your paper.